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YAY! It's all about me time! Well for starters, I'm 19 and yes I am a GUY, BOY, MALE, whatever you call it in you language! Just because a site is pink and purple doesn't mean a guy didn't make it. You laugh and say ha ha ha all you want but I like it this way, and yes I know exactly what your thinking ~^_^~. Well to start this off, this was started by me some time ago working on the ToP DUB Project with Seph. Ever since my ICQ got erased I couldn't recover his number >.<, which is a bad thing. So I've kinda been free lancing with his program trying to make contact every once in a while and working on the DUB project. The reason I've concluded I couldn't get a hold of Seph. is  either A. His Hotmail Junkmail filter is killing my emails. B. Some how he isn't getting my emails. Or C. He doesn't want to respond/doesn't have time to respond to my emails. Oh well... Anyway, from this original project I came up with the name topping. As in Topping for a cake or something. But here is the clever pun, the game Tales of Phantasia is Abbreviated ToP. So you could say I made ToPping for it.:). Ever since the name kinda stuck. And I've been putting Topping on all my other projects for the company name, although this really isn't a company. ^^; Still though its a clever name and it fits perfect like DeJap's name or who ever else came up with a clever company name. At any rate, if you haven't guessed, I'm obsessed with kids stuff, and BEMANI games ^_^. My personal favorite would have to be Para Para Paradise. As for my computer... I have 2. One is my own, I do 99% of all my work on it. Its a 486 computer with windows 98 on it. Second Edition none the less :). Our family computer is a nice AMD-Athlon XP 2000+ with a GIG of RAM and massive HD Space. The only down side to that computer is it has the WORST VIDEO CARD EVER MADE IN IT! A GeForce 4 Ti 46000. NVIDA Can suck it 'cuz they suck, they all suck this card prevents me from everything I hold dear. Id rather have my busted up voodoo3 in there if it were a little more reliable. Now that I vented that out, Id like to note that Creative Labs should really come out with updated drivers for the Sound Blaster 64 PCI card for Windows XP as without them, DDR PC is unplayable according to Konami Tech support *sniff sniff* Enough of my ranting, go and get some patches and programs. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! WATCH EXCEL SAGA! BUY IT TOO NOT JUST DOWNLOAD A PIRATE COPY! ALL HAIL ILPARAZO! *Coughs up blood and passes out (kinda)*

If you for some reason need to get a hold of me here is my contact information:

IRC: PKGINGO on Efnet, and Newnet, and sometimes DalNet
Message Boards: I'm Listed as Gingo17 or PKGINGO under the following forums, DDRFREAK, DDRMANIAX, Video Game Source, My/A18's Message Board, Message Board.

Address: Ha, see ebay!