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I'm pleased to introduce a neat little utility called DDRPCEX. Coded by me and my friend Android18. The first version was written entirely by me and the code was horrendously SLOW! Shows how 1337 of a programmer I am LOL. Anyway, Now its written in a mix of Perl and Visual Basic but because of this, its MUCH larger. But about a MILLION times faster. To use it, click the downloads page, and download it. Then extract it to a folder and run DDRPCEX. Run the exe entitled, DDRPCEX. Data.exe is the main code we use but will NOT run standalone. After you run it follow the onscreen instructions and TADA! You'll have your sound files in a matter of moments. Please note that DDRPC uses 2 files. One for music, one for sound fx. Please read the readme file CAREFULLY to find out which you need to use.