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Here are some links to the outside world that you might have an interest in:

Zsnes Homepage of one of the BEST SNES Emulators of all time! Please Click their ads! They need your support. Also, tread lightly on their bandwidth, its not exactly in abundance over there.
wyrd-engel Dante's site! She's so nice and cuddly and squishy and stuff ^_^;
DeJap Translations Amazing Group working on Tales of Phatansia and Star Ocean Translations.
j2e Translations Creators of the wonderful FF4 Re-Translation. Well worth the check out.
Phantasian Productions Run by Cless who is working on translating the PSX version of Tales of Phantasia.
Neill Corlett's Page Excellent ROM Hacker. Visit his page, click ads if there are any. Did many great projects like Bahamut Lagoon and SD3!
Donut AKA The whirlpool It makes sex look like a church.
PKRO A HOBBYIST Ragnarok server I own, Bad manners will get you kicked out and banned.
Assembler Forums Because they love you!
Aeon Genesis They kill things with forklifts
The Repository They have umm stuff?
Unlocked Hacks Watch it OK?
Retrobase Co-Manned by one of my friends Frogacuda!
Zophar's Domain Gracious host of this site. Please Click their ads.
VGMP3 Great Video Game MP3 site by Gemini Man
WinRar Excellent compression agent. Handles zip, rar, ace, etc. Use to decompress files from this site and others.

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