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Up Down Left Right Chu Chu Chu! The game may be simple, the graphics may be kind of smutty, but the fun levels are through the roof! Its like Austin Powers meets the 23rd Century! Needless to say I love dancing games but this game goes above and beyond my expectations with awesome sound, great rendering, funny voices and SPACE MICHAEL JACKSON! Shear awesomeness :). At any rate. I'm going to try to translate it. I have gotten a decent amount of work done and have a dedicated translator that will help me (TONS). Mega thanks for this project go out to Ulalala, Alerith, Haeleth, Zuzuma, Sara-chan, Magus`, Grinvader, Frogacuda, Kitsune Sniper, Mew The Pokemon, Celes, and of course Miyomei! <3; Special thanks goes out to Assembler and his forum, just for being cool and stuff : ).