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What is it you say? Well do you have an old computer? Can you only do 256 colors, are you not able to handle direct X? Well this is the solution for your DDR Woes! SpeeDDR is designed for one thing and one thing only. SPEED. Its purpose is to assist those not able to run better dancing simulators like DWI. It does all of its functions through allegro and doesn't use ANY direct x functions that I'm aware of. But it seems to work great on my 486 and works for the windows NT4 users I sent it to. Currently, I REWROTE IT ALL! So basically I'm starting from scratch. All it does is constantly check the keys, display a BG picture and play music right now. I need some assistance coding this so if you are familiar with allegro and the FMOD sound Module, and have some time to help code, your help is greatly appreciated. Please See the about me section for contact information.