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I did stuff

Currently Playing: SEGA - [スペースチャンネル5パート2 サウンドトラック ボリューム「ヘイ!!」 #07] Report4 ゴーゴーチアガール

Yeah that's right... I did stuff... (see the stuff). I  need some people yet again though. People for voice stuffs, no surprise eh? This is more of a tribute to Sonic Team now that they are part of Sega, and Sega is part of Sammy, and its my best motivation for doing it. So yeah, send an email. be sure to remove the NOSPAMs from the email address. We need ALOT of people of all types, whether you can sing or not, we'll probably use you for an extra (cu there are literally TONS of them). Sorry for lack of updates, im lazy :P. Enjoy my stuff.


Just in time for Christmas

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Lifes been a bitch, but Merry Christmas from Topping. Hope this helps you guys! Kana Teacher





Currently Playing: Orange Lounge Radio

w00t! I got a web cam up and running, changed my SN to PKGINGO a long while back ;) went to ACEN found a whole new slew of people willing to be dubbers, and I managed to do some karaoke, learning allot about how PIU works, talking to friends, checking email and hooking up my dreamcast to play some space channel 5 part 2 to accompany the sound track I bought. Anyway, just letting you all know I'm alive and about to graduate so when I do I may have some stuff for you guys.. but until after. I still have some massive work to do. I figure now is a good time to tell you all about my "sekrit" page... add para.htm too the root of the address since I'm not going to post a real link, and if you can't figure it out oh well.. anyway I have some more homework to do so I can graduate and some Orange Lounge to listen to and some .hack//Sign to finish so ttyl... (BTW, expect RO to take over my life when I get a chance to DL it lol)



Über 1337 CEeness :)

Currently Playing: Ace of Base - Da Capo.mp3

WOW! An unexpected update from me! Yeah heh... well I got bored and started reading on the DDRMANIAX Forum in the skinners sections under stepmania. Well It kind of inspired me to stop being jealous and share my semi-done skin, even if it wont work with the latest CVS build of SM, but it works with 3.0 Final :) But I had originally ported it for DWI.... Making SM skins can be a bitch, as I found out, but they are much smaller :). Well not my skin! It pulls a 5.41 MB (5,672,960 bytes) on the "Size on Disk" tab! W00h00! It includes one of Keel's BG musics, and some music from 4th mix, so its recommended you have the 4th mix announcer on for this. And I am mentioning Keel here as I don't have a readme included with the file. Just giving credit where credit is do :). BTW, the cool blue swirly background u see in it, well its a mixture of some backgrounds and Photoshop 3 (yes a legit PS3! OMG!) effects so yay! I also prefer my stuff in Japanese thus this web page, so I'm using the Japanese gfx in here as well. All in all its basically a collage of wonderful work all over the place and some original content here and there! Hooray for flash MX, without which this skin wouldn't be anywhere! So umm download it at the SM Cute Version Page. After it finishes uploading in about 10 min :).



Uprooted from a Dusty Grave

Currently Playing: DJ Taka - V (For Extreme)

Yeah, its been a while ^^; I guess I'll fill you in on what's going on.

For starters, neotransotaku has offered to help me port my script editor to java, from what I've seen, its very promising but still a but buggy and not nearly as crash proof as mine but seems to run on macs and pcs thanks to the java vm :). Hopefully something good will amount from this.

Now for stuff I know you have been waiting for! PATCHES!

Yeah I got your fixes for 2 games. For starters, my old old old patch of Pokemon Trading Card Game 2. See the readme for more info. see the tcg2 page for more info.

The other game has been done for ages and I figured I'd release it just for kicks. Dance Dance Revolution Club Version, This was done like a year ago, I haven't worked on it since but I think you all may want to try it out if your new to ddr and are like me and don't like sony enough to buy a ps2 :). Get it at the DDR CLUB Version Page.

That's all for now, my personal life is taking over for the time being. I'll resurface from time to time with patches and such from stuff I have worked on briefly. Finally now that ZD's issues have been resolved I can post these too :). SO yeah, umm Good luck to all of you and hopefully after I figure out where my future is headed I may be able to post more, but with life at my current job, Chuck E. Cheese, life is tough and I'm barely making it by. I'll talk to you all later so for now, bai ^_^ and welcome back ZD!



Yet more Updatage... kinda big...

Currently Playing: Dreams Come True - Asa Ga Mata Kuru

That was the song I kept listening to when I changed the Navigation Bar slightly. Wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving! You'll notice at least 1 new official project on the project page. In search for some Dreamcast games and a Dreamcast SDK a few nights ago, I got pulled in by a few people to translate a few Dreamcast Games. One of the two games I was asked to Translate is Black Matrix Zero. I do not have this game or an efficient means to download it. So it will be a while before I  may be able to start. Another game I may end up doing is called Rent a Hero. The same circumstances to Black Matrix Zero apply here as well. However, just because I am going to try to translate them, doesn't mean I'll be able to. Space Channel 5 Part 2 is the only official project I am perusing at the moment. Kazeshinkuken from #dreamcast.rar was kind enough to locate the Dreamcast SDK for me. Which means I should be able to encode to Dreamcast audio soon. That also means Ill be able to down sample the movies so I can see if my translation even works. I had to do some weird things with the graphics being they are all archived in a big file. Same with the audio. So far I haven't been able to locate the actual text displayed during the game, just the menu text stuff which happens to be stored inside of graphics. But even that is being iffy because my Photoshop PVR editor isn't saving my images quite correctly. My personal life has been all over the place. My siblings are driving me nuts as usual, my favorite manager at my place of employment (Chuck e Cheese) quit. My dad has 2 kidney stones ands is feeling terrible, and life isn't being quite as good to me as it should be. I'm canceling SpeeDDR due to lack of time, skills to efficiently program it and what's going on with life. Ill gladly send anyone the source if they need it. I had to start re-writing it so it doesn't do much anymore. But I have it if you want it. Your better off using Delight Delight Reproduction anyway... Pokémon Advance is out. I'm going to tinker with that. The person that was going to translate my Pokémon Trading Card Game 2 Script is having trouble running my script editor. Here is the email I got:

"I installed that file and it still doesn't work. I get the exact same message as before claiming that one of msdxm's files or dependencies is missing or corrupt. After searching Microsoft's website for that file, I finally found that it's distributed with Internet Explorer, and was going to try downloading that but Microsoft demands that you download it from within Windows and I can't connect to the internet from within the PC emulator. So anyway, I'm all out of luck on that one"

If you haven't guessed, the type of computer being used is a MAC and my program is written in Visual Basic. The file in question up there is msdxm.ocx. I'm currently looking for a dirt cheap probably Pentium PC to send out there with win 9x so the programs I write can run. If you have an old PC, all I need is the tower, with at least a floppy drive, I can install a CD-ROM drive, and want to donate it or anything, please let me know or if you know about how to fix this problem. It would be greatly appreciated. I wish the world would run on one simple operating system. I don't care which it is, probably Linux now that they have an answer to Microsoft's .NET programming client. On another note, the Guest book was spammed, I reset it to the last point I saw it, my script is very very ghetto but small and efficient. I just read I may be able to get DSL here through SBC Yahoo but that most likely is a ruse...can't hurt to try though, at least not physically. I'm almost done with FF9, I started the 3rd disc a few days ago, I haven't had much playtime on it though. But I owe a big Thanks to EPSXE and Pete for allowing me to play such a wonderful game. For a comical matter I named Quina (?) Catz and Garnet Jade. But enough on that. School... that is an evil thing... I'm not doing as good as I should be and will most likely end up going to a community college because my grades are so terrible. Zophar hasn't posted news in ages so I fear they may be shutting down so I may have to move. Id prefer a free server that won't make me place ads on my pages. But I may end up moving to paying a few dollars a month. In case of such an event Id appreciate if somebody would contact me if they are willing to host. With my coming Dreamcast Projects, its going to have some rather large files if they ever get done so I'm thinking no more than 200 megs should be necessary. As a personal project of mine, I'm going to attempt to make my own DDR arcade game. Using Stepmania as the core, I'm going to order some very nice pads prolly the pads that are $700 a piece then order the trick bars. That might put me in the hole 2 grand right there... YIKES! I have a Motherboard, a 450MHZ Pentium 3 Processor and a 12 gig hard drive. I need to buy a case with a power supply, a gig of RAM, and decent sound and video cards. Later one I'll purchase a larger monitor for it, prolly a 15" one. I currently have 407 Songs in my Stepmania song folder and I hope to expand it to more :) Well cheers, burn down your school, and Yay to the update!

P.S. I finally fixed the DDRPCEX download so now its actualy linked.



Personal Update ^_^

Yay! Today is the first day of school at WVHS! I'm looking forward to a great year...except in my English class...but I'm on the news paper with some great people and hope we can produce a quality publication that people will actually read and care about this year. I want to say hi to my new friend Gavin (sp?) too! At any rate now that school started you can expect not so many things to happen for a while until I get into my school groove. Here's to a great year! Peace.




New patch... new topping. Pink and purple is everything. Less boring, 56k friendly :) Enjoy! Kawaii! Greetz go out to Erik!